Dispozitiv aliniere poansoane Trumpf® in inel

Dispozitivul reprezinta o alternativa mai simpla la dispozitivele Trumpf® MultiSet sau Trumpf® QuickSet de aliniat poansoanele non-rotunde Trumpf standard in inel (alignment ring).

Cod Wilson Tool al dispozitivului :  24186 (Alignment Fixture for Trumpf Style Tooling)

Pentru  a evita aceasta operatie de aliniere (posibila generatoare de erori daca operatorul nu este atent),  recomandam alternativ sistemul de scule Wilson Tool 241 ce nu necesita operatia de centrare in inel in astfel de dispozitive.


The alternative to the Trumpf Quick Set at a fraction of the cost!
Wilson Tool have designed a simpler setting fixture which is very accurate and robust, yet extremely portable. The body of the fixture is precision made and durable, due to the fact that there are very few wearable or movable parts. The fixture is also very versatile and can accommodate many types of Trumpf punches, including Size I, Size II, Minimatic style, Heavy Duty, Manual, plus those forming tools which do not have integral collars. The fixture can also be used with flat or shear punches. It is very easy to use and comes with accessories including a regrind length chart.
The quick and easy solution from Wilson Tool for setting up your Trumpf punches.